Contributing to a global initiative, Luther Tech developed wireframes and UI (User Interface) design systems to ensure the PlayStation Partners Portal delivered effective user journeys and a front-end UI that is intuitive and accessible.

Luther Tech played a key role in contributing to this global initiative



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Front End

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Driven by usability

Luther Tech worked closely as a key member of the cross-organisational project team, collaborating with a range of internal and external stakeholders across PlayStation, Portaltech and Accenture.

To ensure that the objectives were comfortably met, Luther Tech assigned this project to highly experienced members of our team, with the capabilities to conduct the technical analysis and qualitative research that such a significant digital transformation requires.


A clear digital transformation, the objective of this project was to simplify the process of submitting games for publication. Previously, there were multiple region-specific submission platforms, and the aim of this project was to consolidate these into a single application accessible to all PlayStation partners and internal users.

In addition to being accessible, it was crucial that this new platform was highly optimised, offering an outstanding UI that reduced page clicks, system complexity, and load times. Altogether, the deliverable was to redesign and optimise PlayStation’s Content Pipeline publishing platform to ensure their global partners are able to easily submit games, applications, and other related content.

Altogether, the deliverable was to redesign and optimise PlayStation’s Content Pipeline publishing platform to ensure their global partners are able to easily submit games, applications, and other related content.


Defining Processes

system that brings together all four of PlayStation’s regional game piblishing geologys (SEIEE, SIEA, SIE-Asia, and SIE-Japan). To accomplish this, we set out with the very basic question of “what would the ideal submission process be like to use?”. The question we had to ask was "what would the ideal submission process be like to use"

I always know what I need to do next

I never have to do anything twice

I feel in control of the process

It’s easy to find, use and share documentation


The research based insight into these design solution was conceptualised in response to a series of interviews, held with games publishers to develop a more informed understanding of user needs.

It’s easy to get started

It helps me prevent mistakes


UI design

In the initial phases of the project, Luther Tech established a visual identity for the Content Pipeline. This design language was shaped by PlayStation’s comprehensive style guide which provides instruction for the fonts and colours which can be adapted to form the base of any new platform.

Working together to establish the visual identity and receiving approval from the head of UX at PlayStation, we began work on a single work package that focused on individual sections, as well as the journey that would allow users to navigate between them. This required our team to transform a large number of wireframes set by the UX designer into high-fidelity mock-ups, illustrating both the micro interactions and the broader user journey.

UI component based

After delivering these wireframes, the UX and UI teams collaborated with developers to identify the most effective means of exporting the assets. Whilst this was taking place, our team at Luther Tech took the time to record our design patterns and create a progressive style guide. Naturally, as this process progressed, we produced iterations on this guide that was then shared with the development team. This meant that we could ensure a consistent visual design language across all of the work packages related to the project. Throughout this process we were mindful that any text would later be translated into Japanese, which is reflected in the designs we produced which provide adequate available space.



A collaborative and iterative process, there were occasions when UX designers would introduce new patterns that solved one issue whilst having implications on existing solutions.


Occasionally, these new patterns would bring a greater elegance to the project, which meant we would identify the best way of integrating them. Conversely, there were times when it was necessary to reach a compromise with the UI and UX designers to ensure a greater overall consistency across the platform.

As with all digital transformations, there was an ongoing analysis and development of the requirements and functional specifications which meant that Luther Tech repeatedly created prototype visual designs in Invision to reach the desired outcome.


Fulfilling the deliverables for this project, Luther Tech was successful in collaborating with various parties to produce an integrated web solution that allows game developers from all regions to easily submit their Triple A games for publication.


To complete the project we produced pixel-perfect PSD/.sketch assets for responsive web design. Developed a UI style guide design and dynamic web elements using brand documentation. Assisted with full stack development and inter-department collaboration to ensure functional specifications were met and we created user journey maps and interactive prototype designs.


Hand off

Ultimately, by consolidating and optimising this platform, Luther Tech helped to refine not only the PlayStation Content Pipeline, but also the business process which it is designed to support. Combining all this data into clear specifications, we worked with BA’s and architects to define user stories and task flows that informed wireframes, and, the UI design that was led by the Luther Tech team.


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I had the pleasure of working with JJ for over 10 months on the same project. During this time his team constantly showed how keen they were to improve existing patterns, helping us to develop our web platform and be more effective.

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Luther Tech were seamless in their integrating with our in house team, allowing us to share data sources and develop solutions to meet aggressive deadlines. Overall a very positive experience.

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