Working in collaboration with Reply, Luther Tech supported Vodafone with a range of critical projects and programmes, encompassing eCommerce, Cybersecurity and the UX & UI design of the My Vodafone Business App, Portal and Online Store.

Cybersecurity for Vodafone Business Customers



16 Designers


600+ screens

Lo-High Fidelity


Web Portal Solution

Vodafone engaged Reply and Luther Tech to design and develop a Web Portal Solution, My Vodafone Business App and a Cybersecurity Portal to pertain of products and services within the Vodafone Business Cybersecurity portfolio.


Results The engagement resulted in a user friendly and scalable platform that shifted focus from a service based to a product-based brand experience. Our services included Design, Development and Delivery of services to Vodafone Business markets.

This project included Information Architecture, UX driven web portal design (600+ screens), substantial end-user engagement, acceptance testing and a pixel perfect, front end prototype of the web portal experience.


Enterprise UX

By leveraging wireframes as a visual blueprint, the team at Luther Tech crafted intuitive user journeys to inform the presentation and inter-department communications that enterprise UX depends on.

Information security

Ensuring that key insights accurately represent the infosec perspective and business critical needs of the target user base was of primary importance. We overcame this challenge in formulating a user validated research programme, supported by the cybersecurity department

internal to Reply. Following this engagement Luther Tech led the user research study and developed user journeys informed of key user insight and qualitative data. This led to a UX driven functional spec that was instrumental to development.


Collated and considered

Extensive stakeholder engagement was undertaken during the programme, ensuring all end user feedback, problems, challenges and recommendations were collated and considered. This process identified the areas of improvement and inparticualr, how users responded with thei thoughts on metrics of success:

  • Quality of detection: Number of alerts that yielded true positives as opposed to false positives.

  • Problem sorting time: Time from alert to remediation state.

  • Dwell time: From time of initial infection of the breach to the time of the alert popping up.

  • Consultancy: Accurate guidance on how to deal with a threat.

Customer experience

Other challenges and areas of importance that informed our UX design process were surfaced as part of study on user validated research:

  • An end-to-end solution. Ability to observe, investigate and respond to incidents.

  • Keeping up to date with ongoing cybersecurity threats.

  • Being able to customize, personalise his dashboard, being able to connect to other systems and tools.

  • Advising on improving the client’s security system.



We proposed a unified experience that allows users to manage, protect and respond to threats with an integrated, infosec call booking system.

Connected systems

To allow for a seamless transition to and from the Vodafone Business Portal we built on the Source Design System, in the development of new components that allowed for self-serve cybersecurity functions.

We delivered high-fidelity clickable prototypes that enabled a compelling vision for stakeholders and early feedback from OpCos, Partners and internal teams. The culmination of this work validated the implementation of cybersecurity capabilities, UX and user interface design solutions based core value propositions.


The end solution impact included:

  • Visual styling implemented to align with the Source style guide where applicable.

  • Service Monitoring enhancements resulted in improved visibility on incidents and alerts.

  • Dark mode activation by default following the analysis of user accessibility testing

  • Live Chat gave prominence for immediate support.

  • Home and Dashboard screens were developed as one, based on our UX research proposal.

  • Designed with users’ preference for the most critical threats to resolve on the sharp end.

  • A responsive solution to be accessed from any device.


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Sarah M. | Founder


I highly recommend JJ and his team at Luther Tech. They gave us exactly what we were looking for and I am excited about our partnership and am looking forward to our next project with them!

Gabriel M. | CEO


Working with JJ was a great experience, his agency was professional and helped us build a stunning ecommerce website.

Hadley S. | CTO


Highly professional, competent, reliable, and get the job done. The Luther Tech team are also able to communicate very well and remain transparent, clear and precise.

Andy I. | Head of UX


I had the pleasure of working with JJ for over 10 months on the same project. During this time his team constantly showed how keen they were to improve existing patterns, helping us to develop our web platform and be more effective.

Emily T. | CEO


Luther Tech were seamless in their integrating with our in house team, allowing us to share data sources and develop solutions to meet aggressive deadlines. Overall a very positive experience.

Marco L. | CEO


The UX design and development work JJ delivered is exactly what we were looking for. His designer and technical lead were competent, well organized and communicated well.


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