Luther Tech worked with Honda Europe to optimise the UX of the onboarding phase of the MyHonda+ app; being responsible for ensuring users can easily connect their device to their vehicle, enjoying a range of digital features.

Optimised onboarding UX for MyHonda+ app

User centred design and task flow analysis



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Creating efficiencies

Luther Tech in collaboration with Great State, worked with Honda Europe to identify key drivers in value from their business and to deliver tangible change through rapid delivery cycles. Increasing revenue and creating efficiencies across their car, motorbike, and power product businesses, this project demonstrates a strong business case for agile digital platforms.


This programme of work was to optimise the UX of the onboarding phase of the MyHonda+ app. Collaborating with Great State, our team was chiefly accountable for bringing outstanding functionality to the design of the app at the initial stages of the user journey. Achieved by paying close attention to overall usability, the project demonstrates the power of the user flows, UX strategies and process mapping solutions utilised by our team.


Edge case scenarios

The key deliverable in this project was to remove any potential case edge scenarios which would result in a poor or altogether broken user experience. To achieve this, Luther Tech produced high fidelity visual designs to define the task flows and key functions which would power the onboarding flow. Ultimately, the objective was to optimise the user-journey and processes, ensuring the overall success of the application.

We assigned a member of the Luther Tech team who had the requisite experience in identifying and implementing effective solutions for app-breaking user flows. This allowed us to bring considerable expertise to the project and ensured we were able to deliver efficient and engaging resolutions.

User flows

Working closely with the delivery manager at Great State, our project lead first identified all of the possible case edge scenarios that would render the app unusable during the onboarding process. This required deep technical analysis as well as some creative thinking to expect the unexpected.

In the case of onboarding flows, for example, it became clear that there was no existing solution for any user receiving keycodes to an email inbox they could no longer access. Recognising that this would pose a considerable if not an impossible challenge to users, the team at Luther Tech worked on a series of wireframes to build an effective contingency strategy for such a scenario. Once the wireframes had been designed, we entered into iterative feedback sessions with Great State and Honda Europe to collaboratively implement solutions.

This process was undertaken for each of the onboarding flows that Luther Tech were responsible for optimising and ultimately ensured that users were able to easily integrate their mobile device with their vehicle. Once passed this crucial first stage, users are able to access a range of features like vehicle tracking, remote charging, improved navigation, as well as the ability to use their phone as a digital key.



After highly scrutinising all of the possible user journeys, our team was able to provide detailed solutions that ensure the MyHonda+ app combines engaging design with intuitive functionality.


With a strong emphasis on onboarding flows, our work was essential in enabling all Honda customers to easily access the suite of services available to them on the MyHonda+ app. Specifically, once the onboarding phase is complete, users are able to enjoy:

  • Greater safety with stolen vehicle tracking

  • Increased convenience with remote charging

  • A seamless navigation system with routes sent directly to their vehicle

  • The benefits of using their device a digital key that also allows them to share access with other users via the app

In summary, Luther Tech exhaustively interrogated the app and its processes to eliminate any broken user journeys. We were able to help build an application that finely integrates mobile technology with next generation Honda cars.


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