Luther Tech worked with ADD the award-winning decentralized finance (DeFi) app to create an inutuitive and implicitly secure user experience to allow a loyal user base to build a DeFi portfolio, in a single application.

Best in class DeFi Aggregator for ease and anonymity



2 Designers



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Front end is a full-stack DeFi aggregator, plugging in multiple products and DeFi applications into one single platform, focusing on User Experience, Design, Privacy and Anonymity.


The expertise, experience and skill of the Luther Tech team contributed significant value to the project and for the client. This included user journey mapping exercises and stakeholder engagement workshops with the ADD Development team to assimilate the functional specifications that were agreed.



As well as the design of a user experience strategy to validate customer needs, competitor analysis and identification of best practice for usability, accessibility and a quality of interaction that creates a pleasurable DeFi management experience. The outcome was the esign and launch of a high-quality, engaging user interface within the set timeframes.


As with all projects of high importance such as this, we appointed a suitably experienced and knowledgeable Account Manager, our Managing Director, JJ Baker, to oversee the project and ensure all deliverables, outputs, milestones and outcomes were achieved.



One of the reasons for selecting this project as a case study, amongst the many we can provide was the requirement to work collaboratively with a range of subject matter experts to develop a user-friendly and engaging application. We worked closely, effectively and collaboratively with internal and external individuals and teams.


This project was delivered in the design of high-quality UI design components for a fully integrated DeFi app that engaged users, enhancing the user experience whilst achieving all other outcomes desired by the client:

  • Content and image sourcing and generation.

  • Testing prior to ‘go live’.

  • Design and customisation of UI components.

  • On-going updates to the design system manager.

  • Insertion of web responsive design graphics.


Hand Off

One of the key performance indicators was the achievement of specific outputs by agreed milestones, which we successfully delivered. The final hand off was encapsulated by the definition of an underlying framework to the design system manager, on top of which we developed a Style Guide for the application from a front end behavioural UI perspective.


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Sarah M. | Founder


I highly recommend JJ and his team at Luther Tech. They gave us exactly what we were looking for and I am excited about our partnership and am looking forward to our next project with them!

Gabriel M. | CEO


Working with JJ was a great experience, his agency was professional and helped us build a stunning ecommerce website.

Hadley S. | CTO


Highly professional, competent, reliable, and get the job done. The Luther Tech team are also able to communicate very well and remain transparent, clear and precise.

Andy I. | Head of UX


I had the pleasure of working with JJ for over 10 months on the same project. During this time his team constantly showed how keen they were to improve existing patterns, helping us to develop our web platform and be more effective.

Emily T. | CEO


Luther Tech were seamless in their integrating with our in house team, allowing us to share data sources and develop solutions to meet aggressive deadlines. Overall a very positive experience.

Marco L. | CEO


The UX design and development work JJ delivered is exactly what we were looking for. His designer and technical lead were competent, well organized and communicated well.


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